Business valuations for small to medium sized businesses across the USA and Australia

InteleK performs business valuations to the highest industry standards, from legally defendable Conclusions of Value, to shorter Calculations of Value for purposes that don't need a detailed & compliant valuation report.
InteleK performs business valuations for small to medium size businesses with enterprise values up to USD $50 million.
InteleK's business valuation experts have access to the best industry research, transaction data and industry news to ensure all valuations are accurate and efficiently produced.
InteleK delivers value to their clients across a wide variety of valuation purposes.
Click 'Independent Business Valuations' or 'White Labelled Business Valuations' to see the details of the different services and the valuation purposes explained in full.

Featuring Our White-Label Solutions

White label or private label solutions are one of the most common forms of collaboration in the business services industry. These solutions allow you to access a larger potential audience in your customer base and have greater flexibility in terms of product offerings and operating conditions.

White Label solutions refer to a type of collaboration in which one company produces goods or services and another company sells them using its own name and brand.

What our clients say...

“My business was semi-established but still very small in comparison to it’s near and long term potential. It was now at a point where it had something to offer investors, I knew my time needed to be devoted to growing the core business and that the immediate next stages would have big impacts on ComplyX’s medium to long term future. It was decision making I was not taking lightly and knew I needed to contract specialists to provide the strategic advice I needed, justified by analysis and "the numbers". This is why I contracted InteleK to value my business and provide transaction support. They handled the process from start to finish and their level of expertise and professionalism was second to none. InteleK added tremendous value in assisting me to make decisions for ComplyX’s future, justified by the numbers and a strategic understanding of ComplyX’s value proposition and place in the market. This added great confidence to my decision making and I thank both Andrew and Cameron for their time and expertise”.


Alexander Gassner, Director General, ComplyX Australia


Andrew Mackson, CFA, ABV


Image Image

Cameron Braid, MBA



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